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The Reckoner Title is a new thing you can earn in Destiny 2 during the Season of the Drifter. Getting the Season of the Drifter Reckoner title involves a lot of playing Gambit Prime and The Reckoning. You’ll have a lot of grinding to do. You’ll have to win matches, perform different feats with auras on, the works. With all of that said, here’s our Destiny 2 Reckoner Title Season of the Drifter Requirements – How to Get guide to show you what you need to do to earn the Reckoner Title in Season of the Drifter. Be forewarned; it’s not gonna be a cakewalk.

Destiny 2 Reckoner Title Season of the Drifter Requirements – How to Get

How to Meet Reckoner Title Requirements in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter?

To meet the requirements for the Reckoner title in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter, you’ll have to grind Gambit Prime quite a lot. You’ll have to win a number of them, as well as perform a ton of actions while sporting different auras. There’s a lot to get through, so let’s just jump into it, shall we?

  • Annual Pass: Joker’s Wild – Complete the associated badge
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Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Lost Sectors locations on Earth guide shows where to find all sixteen of them. Earth and its Destiny 2 zone has the highest number of these loot caves. Finding all EDZ Lost Sectors won’t be an easy task, but luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve put this guide together in order to show you where to find all 16 Lost Sectors in European Dead Zone, their entrance locations and names.

Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Lost Sectors Locations on Earth YOU MAY ALSO LIKElaughestiny 2 Titan Lost Sector Locations

This guide is work in progress, we’ll update it with new information as soon as we acquire it.

Trostland Lost Sectors in EDZ

This is the area with the first landing zone. There are three lost sectors here:

  • Terminus East – The first lost sector is in the orange building next to a burried truck, in the east of the area. Crawl under the metal gate and follow the tunnels to the railway station.
  • Widow’s Walk – In the store with the blue sign. Enter, go through the door next to the red, glowing Amsel poster and follow the path to the basement.
  • Atrium
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    Haunted Forest is a new activity in Destiny 2. It’s part of the Festival of The Lost, a Halloween event that involves paying respects to fallen guardians, killing loads of enemies and wearing silly masks. The activity itself is pretty difficult – it consists of seemingly infinite waves of progressively stronger enemies. This guide will give you some Destiny 2 Haunted Forest tips & tricks, to help you survive as long as possible and kill as many as you can.

    Destiny 2 Haunted Forest Tips & Tricks – Festival of The Lost

    How to beat Haunted Forest

    Since it’s pretty fresh, we have no idea whether there are really infinite waves. Most people at this point are either playing it solo or with random strangers via matchmaking. We have yet to see a coordinated fireteam try to get as deep as they can. With that in mind, getting as far as possible before the timer runs out could count as beating it – your goal here is to get as many Fragmented Souls as possible.

    To do that, you should focus on killing mobs first – don’t run past them and try to explore the area. Just murder everyone in

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    Escalation protocol is one of the activities in Destiny 2. It was introduced in the Warmind expansions, and it’s an important part of the PvE ecosystem on Mars. It’s the only reliable way to get IKELOS weapons – the shotgun, sniper rifle and SMG – which is why a lot of people like to replay it. However, not all three of these weapons are available each week. After the weekly reset, the availability changes. Based on the pattern that was consistently used until now, our Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol weapon drop chance schedule guide will show you when you can get each of these guns.

    Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Weapon Drop Chance Schedule

    IKELOS weapon drop chances

    The weapons all drop from the final boss, the one encountered in Wave 7. A recent patch has introduced the option to replay the final two waves after killing the boss, essentially allowing players to farm the formidable foe if they so wish. Since the IKELOS weapons are plain engrams, and do not require you to bring a Decrypted Cache Key, unlike the armor pieces. However, since not all off them are available each week, you’ll need to plan accordingly.

    Here’s a list

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    Heroic Cryo Pod is one of the new public events in Destiny 2 Forsaken. It’s a beefed up version of the Cryo Pod event, with stronger enemies and better rewards. In order to start it, you’ll have to complete several steps, so you might miss it if you just start blindly shooting at everything that moves. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to start heroic cryo pod public event in Destiny 2.

    Destiny 2 Heroic Cryo Pod Public Event – How to start in Forsaken

    Neutralize the Cryo-Pod Defenders

    The regular version of the event is just you killing a bunch of enemies that appear around the cryo pod mentioned in the name, then defeating a boss. However, the heroic version isn’t much harder, to tell the truth. In order to start it, do what you usually would until the Wanted enemy appears. Don’t kill them.

    Wait until the pod starts emitting freezing gas. You’ll see it coming out of the four valves on the sides. Shoot at one of them, and after you’ve done enough damage, you’ll reveal an orb. Take the orb and throw it at the wanted enemy. It will freeze them. While they’re

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