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Prime Sets are new armor sets you can earn in Destiny 2. You can get the Prime Sets by playing Gambit during the Season of the Drifter. However, nothing is ever as simple as that. To get the Season of the Drifter Prime Sets in Destiny 2, you’ll have to earn a Synthesizer, and grind for Synths. And those are just the first steps. All that said, here’s our Destiny 2 How to Get Prime Armor Sets in Season of the Drifter guide to show you how to obtain the Prime Sets, how to get the Synths and a Synthesizer, how to craft Motes and how to bank them, etc.

Destiny 2 How to Get Prime Armor Sets in Season of the Drifter

How to Get Season of the Drifter Prime Sets in Destiny 2?

To get the Prime Sets in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter, the first step is to get a Synthesizer. This is an item that you’ll get from The Drifter after completing your first Gambit Prime match as a contract. Pretty simple stuff. This item, which you can find in the inventory, is what will produce the Prime Sets, but we’re getting to that. The

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Iron Banner season 4 has just started in Destiny 2, and it brings a lot of new gear into the game. There’s one armor set for each class, and six different legendary weapons you can obtain by participating in this PvP event and completing the special new bounties. If you’re wondering what they all look like and how they behave, you’ve come to the right place – our Destiny 2 Iron Banner season 4 weapons & armor guide will show you everything you need to know.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 4 Weapons & Armor

You’ll get the items by competing in the Iron Banner, completing bounties given out by Lord Saladin, and straight up buying them from him. You’ll need to complete bounties to unlock the purchasing options, and you’ll have to spend Legendary shards and Iron Banner Tokens.

Iron Banner Season 4 Armor Sets

All of the new armor pieces have Iron Remembrance in their names, and they have a Far Eastern vibe to them. They’re all dark red with white markings, usually related to the Iron Lords and the activity itself. It’s too early for anyone to have an entire set so we can see it in

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Last Wish raid loot are items you can get by playing the new raid in Destiny 2 Forsaken. The Dreaming City raid will reward you with a bunch of exotic and legendary weapons, dropping at power levels above 560, and even a new armor set for each class. This guide will show you all Destiny 2 Last Wish raid loot, weapons and armor, what they look like and their stats.

One Thousand Voices – Exotic Fusion Rifle

One Thousand Voices is a raid exotic fusion rifl, that deals solar damage and uses heavy ammo. It is a power weapon with a unique look that will make each player who owns it stand out. It comes as a reward for players who complete the raid.

  • Power Fusion Rifle
  • Charge Time 1 000 / Magazine 4
  • Ahamkara’s Eye – Charging this weapon unleashes a giant continuous beam of death.
  • Unforeseen Repercussions – This weapon’s beam superheats its targets upon impact, causing delayed explosions.
  • Lore: “I can be anyone you wish, o murderer mine.”

The Supremacy – Legendary Sniper Rifle

Even though it is a kinetic weapon, this piece uses special ammo for its shots.

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Escalation Protocol Armor is a new armor set you can get in Destiny 2 Warmind DLC. You can get the armor pieces by participating in Warmind Escalation Protocols, as the name implies. However, things aren’t really that simple. You need a specific item to open the loot chest from which the armor drops out of, and that too is difficult to obtain. That being said, here’s how to unlock Escalation Protocol Armor in Destiny 2 Warmind.

Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol Armor

How to Get Escalation Protocol Armor in Destiny 2 Warmind DLC?

To get the Escalation Protocol Armor in the Warmind DLC for Destiny 2, you’ll have to play through Escalation Protocol. The Warmind Escalation Protocol Armor pieces have a chance to appear in the loot chest that the final boss (in wave seven) of the event drops. However, you need a Decrypted Cache Key in order to open said loot chest. For more info on that, head over to our Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key guide. Long story short, you have to complete seven or so levels in Escalation Protocol to turn the Encrypted Cache Key into a Decrypted one.

Now, obtaining the Escalation Protocol Armor in Warmind is

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Leviathan, Eater of Worlds is a raid lair – a new activity in Destiny 2. It brings new items to the pool, new rewards that drop from various chests. Apart from weapons and armor, it also gives out things like Calus’s Elite shader, Emperor Calus Tokens and more. Once you complete the raid lair, you’ll get the Emperor’s Envy emblem as well, together with tokens you can exchange for Imperial Engrams.

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Rewards – Weapons and Armor YOU MAY ALSO LIKElaughestiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Guide

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Loot Chests

The first loot chest is fairly early on in the lair. Once you escape the reactor and defeat the Loyalists, you can loot it just before jumping into the deep hole, on the same platform where you fight the Loyalists at the end of the purple room.

The final loot chest is obtainable after you complete the lair and defeat Argos. This is where the main prizes await for successful raiders, including weapons and armor pieces.

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Weapon Drops

I Am Alive

  • Type: Grenade Launcher
  • Basic Stats: RPM 120, Magazine 7
  • Traits: Adaptive (Well-rounded, reliable
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