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Destiny 2 clans are available, and you can freely create or join them and earn clan bonuses. The bonuses include perks, XP boosts, and other rewards. In order to create or join a Destiny 2 clan, you need to go through some “red tape”, as it were. We hope that this guide on how to create and join clans in Destiny 2 will help you out, if you’re having trouble.

Destiny 2 How to Create & Join Clan

How to Make a Clan in Destiny 2?

There are several steps you need to complete in order to make your Destiny 2 clan. First thing’s first, open up the Destiny Companion, either via the companion app or Find Create Clan, and get creative. Insert your clan name, mission statement, motto, and set the parameters for membership. Whatever you choose there, only admins and founders will be able to allow people in.

Once that’s done, customizing your clan will open up for you. Pick your banner and switch up other stuff the way you want. In order to start reaping the benefits of being in a clan, you’ll need a minimum of two members. The membership cap is

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