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Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 is a weapon you can unlock by completing a series of quests in the game. The Bad Juju Pulse Rifle is a returning fan favorite weapon from the first Destiny, and it comes with an amazing perk, String of Curses, and the Catalyst makes it even more powerful. To earn the Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Rifle, you’ll have to unlock the Tribute Hall on the Leviathan, and jump through a bunch more hoops. So, without further ado, let’s explain how to unlock Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle and Catalyst in Destiny 2, step by step.

Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle – How to Get

How to Start Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle Quest in Destiny 2?

To start the Bad Juju quest in Destiny 2, your first stop is on Nessus. Specifically, you want to go to the Barge in Watcher’s Grave, and visit Werner 99-40. There will be a Claus chest next to him that you’ll have to pay 5,000 Glimmer in order to open. Inside, you’ll find the Invitation from the Emperor. Next up, follow where the quest takes you; to the Tribute hall on the Leviathan,

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Lumina is a new exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a hand cannon that heals and buffs your teammates. In order to get it, you’ll have to complete a set of long and arduous tasks. But first, you’ll have to find the secret location where the quest starts. If you’re having trouble with any of the steps, our Destiny 2 Lumina exotic hand cannon quest guide will show you the light.

Destiny 2 Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon Quest

How to start Lumina quest?

In order to begin the Lumina quest, you’ll have to go to the EDZ. Land at Trostland, then head into the tunnel north of the church. Follow the path into the salt mines, and when you reach the elevator, look for a transmat pad to the left of it. Use it to get up to the cliff above the city. Go up the road to the barrier, then shimmy across the ledge on the left. Climb into the small opening and it’ll lead you to a secret camp. Loot the chest on the left to get the first quest item.

System Positioning Device chest locations

Once you open the chest, you’ll get two items. In

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System positioning device is a quest item in Destiny 2. You’ll get it along with a quest which is part of the Lumina exotic hand cannon chain. The item will point you towards a lost sector, in which you’ll have to look for a hidden chest. Every hour, the lost sector in question changes. The chest will give you the Rose legendary weapon, which allows you to proceed with the exotic quest. If you’re having trouble finding it, this guide will show you all the Destiny 2 system positioning device chest locations.

Destiny 2 System Positioning Device – Lumina Chest Locations

Shaft 13 EDZ Lumina chest

To get to the chest in Shaft 13, you’ll first have to land at The Sludge. The entrance is south of the landing point. Head inside and follow the corridors until you reach a long hallway with a couple of tires and some wooden pallets. Go through the door on the right, into the room with the yellow generator. You’ll find the chest on the table there. Here’s a video, if that’s more to your liking.

Excavation Site 2 Io system positioning device

Land at Giant’s Scar and head east. Once you’re

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Truth is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a rocket launcher that was added in the Season of Opulence. It has the ability to lock on targets when aiming down sights, which makes the rockets follow them. In order to acquire it, you’ll have to complete a quest which involves finishing an ascendant challenge, piecing together a map and beating a specific strike. If you get stuck at any point, our Destiny 2 Truth exotic rocket launcher quest guide will show you the way.

Destiny 2 Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher Quest

How to start Truth exotic quest?

First off, you’ll need to complete a Menagerie run. Once you kill the last boss, you’ll get an item called A Scrap of Paper. It’ll direct you towards Petra Venj, the Dreaming City vendor. Talk to her, and she’ll ask you to loot an Ascendant Chest. This doesn’t refer to one of the invisible platform chests around the Dreaming City, but rather to the chest at the end of an Ascendant Challenge. You’ll need the weekly bounty from Petra, of course.

A Map Asunder – Map Piece Locations

The next step requires you to find and decode four map fragments in order

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Thorn is an exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2. If you’ve played the previous game, you might remember it as one of the fan favorites. It has made a return, and it’s still as good looking as ever, at least. It has a perk that lets bullets pierce targets and poison them, dealing damage over time. This guide will show you how to get Destiny 2 Thorn exotic hand cannon by breaking down the Independent Study quest line for you.

Destiny 2 Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon Quest – Independent Study

Note: Thorn isn’t in the game yet. It’s supposed to be relased on March 12th, and all the info here comes courtesy of Destiny’s countless data miners.

How to get Thorn in Destiny 2?

You’ll start the quest by getting A Melted Hunk of Metal. Once you bring it to the gunsmith at the tower, the real fun starts. For the first step, he’ll ask you to gather Hardonic Essence. You can do this by completing bounties on Io, killing Warlocks in the Crucible or completing Nightfall strikes. That last one is the most efficient, but it’s also the hardest.

The second step requires you to find Plasteel Plating. To

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