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Glowing symbol / rune locked chests in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep are a type of chest that you have to solve a puzzle in order to unlock. Basically, the glowing runes on the chests are a clue on how to unlock them. You have to find the runes in your surroundings and shoot them in the correct order. That, however, is kinda easier said than done. There are some extra details to the story. With that in mind, I welcome you to our Destiny 2 Glowing Symbol Locked Chests – How to Open guide.

Destiny 2 Glowing Symbol Locked Chests – How to Open

How to Open Glowing Rune Locked Chests in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep?

To open the glowing rune / symbol locked chests in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, you’re gonna have to note which symbols are on there. Then, look around the area to find where they are in the vicinity. We’ll cover that in a moment. When you find the three symbols, you have to shoot them in order, left to right. So, in the example below and above, we’ll name the runes Spring, A, and O. You have to find and shoot the symbols in the exact same order.

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Moon Region Chests in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep are gold chests you can find strewn across the map, and their locations are usually relatively hidden. The Destiny 2 Moon Region Chests are worth collecting, mostly because they drop some pretty good loot. With that in mind, here’s our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Moon Region Chest Locations guide to show you where to find all golden chests in the new region.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Moon Region Chest Locations

Anchor of Light Region Chests in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – Where to Find?

To find all Moon Region Chests in Anchor of Light in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, there’s three locations for you to visit. The first one you can collect is a bit to the north of where Eris Morn is, in the south of the map. From Eris, take the road leading east, the north through the “canyon.” Stick to the west wall, and follow it to the west. You’ll come across a giant ship exhaust that you can go into. Follow the cave and hang a left to come across the region chest.

From the first location, exit the cave, and go east, towards the crashed ship on the map. As

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Region chests or Golden chests are unique loot containers in Destiny 2. There’s at least one gold chest in each public sector, and they can be opened only once. There’s high-quality loot inside them, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get yourself something nice. These region loot chests can be hard to find, but the extra hassle is worth it. If you’re having trouble with them, keep reading – we’ll show you a list of all Destiny 2 region chest locations.

Destiny 2 Golden Chest Locations

European Dead Zone Gold Chest Locations

The EDZ is the first area you’ll visit in Destiny 2. It’s where you’ll make your first moves towards reclaiming what was lost. There are 20 region chests here, and they will probably be the easiest to find, since it’s the area where you’re meant to learn the ropes. Although they’re marked on the map, you’ll still have to find their exact locations. For more details, take a look at our Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations in EDZ guide.

Titan Region Loot Chests

Titan is a moon of Saturn, and it’s covered by a methane ocean with buildings from humanity’s golden age standing firmly

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Golden Region Chests are a collectible in Destiny 2. They’ve been in all zones so far, so of course there’s Region Chests on Mars in the Warmind DLC. They drop some pretty descent loot, so finding the Warmind Region chest will probably pay off. With that in mind, here’s where to find region chest locations on Mars in Warmind DLC.

Destiny 2 Mars Region Golden Chest Locations in Warmind

Where to Find Gold Region Chests on Mars in Destiny 2 Warmind?

The first region chest you can find on Mars in the Warmind DLC is in Glacial Fields, in the east corner of the region. It is below the Lost Sector symbol. There’s basically a fork in the road there. The one leading up leads to the Lost Sector, and the one leading straight leads you to the little nook where the chest is. From there, head to the right and up to the loading bay area of the Clovis Bray building. Go inside, hop onto the large, white crate in the middle, and jump onto the catwalk on the left. The chest is on the end of that short catwalk.

From the previous point, head across the

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Leviathan, Eater of Worlds is a raid lair – a new activity in Destiny 2. It brings new items to the pool, new rewards that drop from various chests. Apart from weapons and armor, it also gives out things like Calus’s Elite shader, Emperor Calus Tokens and more. Once you complete the raid lair, you’ll get the Emperor’s Envy emblem as well, together with tokens you can exchange for Imperial Engrams.

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Rewards – Weapons and Armor YOU MAY ALSO LIKElaughestiny 2 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Guide

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Loot Chests

The first loot chest is fairly early on in the lair. Once you escape the reactor and defeat the Loyalists, you can loot it just before jumping into the deep hole, on the same platform where you fight the Loyalists at the end of the purple room.

The final loot chest is obtainable after you complete the lair and defeat Argos. This is where the main prizes await for successful raiders, including weapons and armor pieces.

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Weapon Drops

I Am Alive

  • Type: Grenade Launcher
  • Basic Stats: RPM 120, Magazine 7
  • Traits: Adaptive (Well-rounded, reliable
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