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The Basic Sniper Rifle Frame is a Gofannon Forge quest in Destiny 2. You get it after completing the first quest series to unlock the basic sniper rifle. It’s a bunch of grinding, basically, but some things might be a little unclear. For example, how to get radiant seeds, or where to find the Weapon Core. Our Destiny 2 Gofannon Forge Basic Sniper Rifle Frame Quest guide will answer all of those questions, and take you through the quest chain step by step.

Destiny 2 Gofannon Forge Basic Sniper Rifle Frame Quest

How to Complete Gofannon Forge Sniper Rifle Frame Quest in Destiny 2?

To complete the Gofannon Forge Sniper Rifle Frame quest, after completing the whole other Gofannon Forge quest chain to get the basic sniper rifle frame and find out where to find Gofannon Forge in the first place, the first step is to go to Nessus. There are two steps here. The first one is to recover a Weapon Core from a crate either in Artifact’s Edge or the Hallows.

It will be in one of these two areas. Fortunately, they’re right next to each other, so the search shouldn’t take too long. Don’t worry, you

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Pain and Guilt is a Crucible quest in Destiny 2. It is a part of the quest chain from Shaxx that gives you the Luna’s Howl Legendary Hand Cannon. To complete the Destiny 2 Pain and Guilt quest, you have to score a certain number of hand cannon kills in the Competitive playlist. This might seem easy, but it absolutely isn’t; you’ll need practice and patience to grind out those kills. That being the case, we hope our Destiny 2 Pain and Guild Crucible quest tips & tricks guide will help you on your journey.

Destiny 2 Pain and Guilt Crucible Quest Tips & Tricks – How to Beat

How to Complete Destiny 2 Pain & Guilt Crucible Quest – Tips & Tricks

To complete the Pain and Guilt Crucible quest in Destiny 2, you have to get 150 kills with the Hand Cannon. Of course, this being a Crucible quest you get from Shaxx, only the kills you get in the Crucible count. Also, all the kills have to be in the Competitive playlist. However, it seems that you can beat an opponent within an inch of their life with another weapon. The only important thing is that you

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Broken Awoken Talisman is a special item in Destiny 2 Forsaken. It’s a quest item that you need to repair in order to gain access to the Dreaming City. You’ll need to get talisman fragments to fix it, but the clues you’ll get are rather cryptic. If you find them confusing and need help locating the pieces, make sure you check out our Destiny 2 Broken Awoken Talisman quest guide.

Broken Awoken Talisman Quest – Fragment Locations in Destiny 2

Where to find talisman fragments?

The talisman fragments are hidden in Lost Sectors. Actually, they’re not even that well hidden. All you need to do is decypher the clues to figure out which lost sectors they’re in. Afterwards, you should just clean them out, and once you open the chest after killing the boss, you’ll get the fragment.

In an old Corsair’s hideout

The first one is somehow connected to ships, that much is obvious. The lost sector you’re looking for is Shipyard AWO-43, in the middle of Jetsam of Satuurn. After you’ve dealt with its inhabitants, you’ll receive the stone piece.

In the heart of Spider’s Web

This clue may seem like it’s pointing towards Spider’s hideout. I

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Nascent Dawn 5/5 is the final step of a long quest chain in Destiny 2. Once completed, it will reward you with the Polaris Lance masterwork catalyst. In order to finish it, you’ll have to get javelin multikills, complete PvP matches, disrupt a hive ritual and find a cache in Alton Dynamo. It’s not particularly difficult, but it can be time-consuming. If you’re looking to save some time, our Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 5/5 quest guide will help you with that.

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 5/5 – Javelin Multikills, Alton Dynamo Cache

How to get javelin multikills?

In order to get javelin multikills, you’ll have to play a couple of rounds of Escalation Protocol. To get a multikill, you’ll have to murder three opponents in quick succession. The best way to do it is to start the activity when you’re alone in the area, and use the Rasputin Armory Code to summon a Valkyrie right away. The first wave consists of a large number of low level enemies, and should make for an easy task. Just wait until they’re grouped, then throw the spear.

The next step requires you to complete three PvP matches. Go to the Crucible and play

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Nascent Dawn 4/5 is the latest part of Anna Bray’s quest chain in Destiny 2. It became available after this week’s reset, but only to those who’ve already cleared the previous three parts. There are three steps to it, and completing the whole thing will reward you with the Polaris Lance exotic weapon. If you’re having trouble completing the mission, we’re going to help you with our Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 4/5 quest guide.

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 4/5 – Sleeper Node Location, Polaris Lance

Cache Found in Rasputin

The first step of the quest is pretty easy, but can be a bit of a grind. It requires you to score five precision multikills without reloading, as well as twenty kills with the Prototype Scout Rifle. Once you’re done with that, you’ll have to go back to Io and complete a mission called Fury. It’s pretty much exactly the same as it was in the campaign, and the power level requirement sits firmly at 250.

Finally, the third step is about finding a data cache in Rasputin. Travel back to Mars, land at Braytech Futurescape and go north to Mindlab: Rasputin. Simply follow the path, and once you’re in front

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