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Iron Banner is a weekly PvP event in Destiny 2. It’s making its first appearance this week, and a lot has changed from the previous game. Although the core is still the same – you team up with a few guardians and kill the opposing team – there were a lot of changes. We’re going to show you how the mode works now, what rewards you can earn, as well as give you some tips on how to win the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide – Tips, Strategies & Rewards

Iron Banner Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind before jumping into the Iron Banner:

  • After you’ve talked to Lord Saladin at the Tower, you can start the event from the Crucible.
  • It’s a 4v4 mode, and the type of map changes every time. This time, it’s control – capture and hold control points to win the game.
  • Power levels don’t matter. Choose whichever weapon suits your play style best, and don’t worry about the damage output. Everyone will start off on the same footing. Same goes for armor – try to look presentable instead of chasing stats.
  • You get rewards by
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