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Scourge of the Past is the new raid in Destiny 2. It was released in the Black Armory update, and it takes place in the Last City, in the European Dead Zone. There’s no official minimum level, but the recommended power level for this activity is 640. Our Destiny 2 Scourge of the Past raid guide will show you how to beat the bosses, how to solve puzzles, where to find the hidden chests and which rewards to expect once you’ve finished it.

Destiny 2 Scourge of The Past Raid

How to reach the Vault of Ebisu

When you get to the first area, you’ll quickly notice a bunch of ether shields covering holes in the ground, with arc charge receptacles next to them.

Go up to the roofs and look for a boss called Berserker, Kell’s Scourge. One of you will have to approach him so he does an attack a his immunity wears off. When you defeat him, he’ll drop a radiant battery. Take the battery to the top of the highest building in the area and put it in the receptacle.

This will spawn a map next to it. The green markers are orb receptacles, the yellow

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Scourge of the Past rewards are legendary and exotic weapons in Destiny 2. You’ll get them when completing the new Black Armory raid in the Last City. There’s one armor set for each class, and a bunch of new weapons. If you’re interested in what they look like, their stats or anything else about these items, keep reading our Destiny 2 Scourge of The Past raid rewards guide.

If you need help with any of the puzzles in the raid, or the Insurrection Prime boss fight, check out our Scourge of the Past raid guide. There are only two highly visible chests in the entire raid. The first is after the first phase, at the entrance to the sewer maze. The second appears after you beat Insurrection Prime. Only one team member needs to open the chest, and everyone else will automatically get their rewards. There might be some secret chests in the raid as well, but nobody has reported finding any.

Scourge of the Past armor sets

There are three new armor sets here, all legendary. The titans will get pieces of the Bulletsmith’s Ire set, the warlocks will receive Gunsmith’s Devotion outfit, while the hunters can look forward

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The Last Wish raid in Destiny 2 Forsaken has gone live a week ago, and most of the players haven’t had luck finishing it. It’s a difficult affair, and the first fireteam to beat it took 19 hours. You’ll need to be well over the recommended power level, but you’ll also need good communication. Even without being able to finish the raid, some players expressed the desire to go back to a previous checkpoint – either to look for secret chests, try their luck at getting the secret emblem, or something else entirely. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to reset Last Wish raid in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 How to Reset Last Wish Raid

How to restart Last Wish raid in Destiny 2?

At this point, it looks like you can’t really restart progress on the raid. The game remembers where you left off even if you leave, so you can return to your last checkpoint and not have to slog through the entire ordeal at once. Some people claim you can join a fireteam with an earlier checkpoint to get around this, but we haven’t been able to test it, so your mileage may vary.

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Ethereal key is an item in Destiny 2 Forsaken. It is used to unlock a special chest at the end of the Last Wish raid. As the raid was only just finished by the first fire team, a lot of people are wondering what’s in the chest and how to get their hands on the key in question. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Destiny 2 Ethereal Key.

Destiny 2 Ethereal Key Chest – Forsaken Last Wish Raid

How to get Ethereal Key in Destiny 2?

The chests in question are located at the end of the Last Wish raid, after you’ve brought the heart stone to Techuan. There’s an amphitheatre with a bunch of statues next to the room you’re transported to when you’re done. Each of the statues has a white chest in front of it.

You can open any one of these chests, and you’ll receive your portion of the raid loot. However, when you approach another chest afterwards, you’ll see a message saying an Ethereal Key is required. This could mean two things: either it’s a consumable you can find during the raid, in a secret chest or something akin to

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Last Wish raid loot are items you can get by playing the new raid in Destiny 2 Forsaken. The Dreaming City raid will reward you with a bunch of exotic and legendary weapons, dropping at power levels above 560, and even a new armor set for each class. This guide will show you all Destiny 2 Last Wish raid loot, weapons and armor, what they look like and their stats.

One Thousand Voices – Exotic Fusion Rifle

One Thousand Voices is a raid exotic fusion rifl, that deals solar damage and uses heavy ammo. It is a power weapon with a unique look that will make each player who owns it stand out. It comes as a reward for players who complete the raid.

  • Power Fusion Rifle
  • Charge Time 1 000 / Magazine 4
  • Ahamkara’s Eye – Charging this weapon unleashes a giant continuous beam of death.
  • Unforeseen Repercussions – This weapon’s beam superheats its targets upon impact, causing delayed explosions.
  • Lore: “I can be anyone you wish, o murderer mine.”

The Supremacy – Legendary Sniper Rifle

Even though it is a kinetic weapon, this piece uses special ammo for its shots.