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Doing Heroic version of the public event on Mercury in the new Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC is not that obvious and I wanted to tell you guys how to activate it. As with the vanilla version of the game, public events can be done in normal and heroic mode. To activate the Heroic mode, and subsequently better rewards, you have to perform a certain feat. Event happening at the Lighthouse on Mercury in Destiny 2 has a lot of moving parts by itself and it took a while for the community to figure out how to start it. It involves a platforming challenge, so you might want to brush up on your jumping skills.

How to Trigger the Heroic Vex Crossroads Public Event?

When the event first starts you want to kill some Vex on either side of the central dome until the Gatekeepers spawn. Once you kill those use the orbs they drop and slam dunk them in the circular platforms to start the second phase of the event. You will have to use the portals to get thrown onto the first island. Another gatekeeper is there and another use of orbs on the central

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