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Each faction has brought four weapons to the Tower, in addition to a fifth weapon that will be available once this Faction Rally ends. Here’s what you can get, along with some quick thoughts on their effectiveness in PvE and PvP.

Dead Orbit

Dire Promise

A high-ROF hand cannon, the Dire Promise can be effective in the Crucible in the right hands. High handling speed, along with good magazine size and stability make it a versatile CQC weapon, but less effective in PvE combat when impact stats count for a lot. The presence of the Triple Tap perk is mildly confusing on an archetype not typically suited to PvE.

Three Graves

Good range and stability make this one of the few pulse rifles that can almost compete in the Crucible at scout rifle distances, especially when used on a flanking route or as a team-shot weapon, but the low handling speed and slow ROF hold it back. Outlaw and Extended Mag make this a good bet for a PvE pulse.

Eleventh Hour

Veist weapons emphasize fast handling and combat readiness, and this sidearm is no different. Although this foundry is rarely used in PvP at the moment (despite being tuned

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