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Every public event in Destiny 2 features a hidden requirement that, once met, will trigger a more difficult heroic version. Many of these will spawn an additional boss or spawn more powerful enemies, and it’s always worth it to do the heroic version, as they increase your chances at greater rewards, including Exotic engrams.

Here’s how to activate 8 different types of Heroic Events:

Ether Resupply

  • In order to trigger the heroic version of the battle against the giant Servitor, you must kill all of the smaller Servitors that spawn. There is usually one that initially spawns, followed by a group of three a few moments later.
  • Take them all out quickly before they despawn!
  • Once the heroic version begins, the main differences are that the Servitor will rally more powerful enemies to help defend it while also teleporting you to more perilous locations.

Glimmer Extraction

  • There are three different waves of 4 extractor enemies that you must defeat in order to complete this event normally. However, with each wave, you can also find a small generator device that has a small blue beam emitting from them.
  • To trigger the heroic version, you must destroy each
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