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The Bad Juju has returned with Destiny 2’s latest DLC, The Season of Opulence. This pulse rifle was a personal favorite of mine in Destiny 1 on my Voidwalker Warlock, because it served as a very strong weapon for Guardians in everyday content such as strikes, patrols, and heroic missions. This exotic’s intrinsic perk is String of Curses; Kills refill the magazine, increase damage for a short duration, and grant Super energy based on the strength of String of Curses. It also fires full-auto. This perk synergizes very well with several subclasses and their respective exotic armor pieces to help

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After more than two years, Thorn, the legendary Weapon of Sorrow and former bane of the Crucible, has returned with some significant changes. Is it still worthy of its past infamy? Perks (courtesy of Mark of the Devourer: Rounds pierce targets and deal damage over time. Kills with this weapon leave behind Remnants. Soul Devourer: Absorbing a Remnant strengthens Mark of the Devourer and partially refills the magazine. Corkscrew Rifling: +5 to range, stability, and handling Accurized Rounds: +10 to range Textured Grip: -5 to stability, +15 to handling Stats:  Impact: 79 Range: 40 Stability: 59 Handling: 68 Reload

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So far, Destiny 2’s exotic armor doesn’t feel quite as powerful as what we found in Destiny. In my mind, the jury’s out on whether this is a good or a bad thing, but for now we may as well use what we have. While many of the armor pieces available across all classes feel as though they’ve been tuned for PvE, and others simply feel lackluster (likely due to balance issues), there are still some good options for Crucible combat. With a few exceptions, I’ve found it much harder to rank D2’s exotic armor, largely due to the fact that most are incredibly situational. It’s likely that your list will differ, so be sure to tell us your favorite combinations in the comments!


Mask of the Quiet One

There’s a reason you’ve likely seen many a Titan sporting this massive helm. Not only does it look like it came from a Dark Souls game, but it makes you into an eldritch mini-boss. The more you get hurt, the more ability energy you get – and when you’re hurt, void ability kills heal you.

This is a good option for Titans who like to be in the thick

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Charge your soul and let the electrons sing.

The Riskrunner is an Exotic Submachine Gun that can be acquired from Exotic/Luminous Engrams, various rank-up packages, or as a quest reward in Destiny 2’s campaign. Upon reaching Io and completing the first campaign step, Asher Mir will prompt Guardians to select what is very likely their first Exotic weapon reward: Sunshot, Riskrunner, or the Graviton Lance. If you select one, subsequent characters will only be able to acquire one of the other two from this quest step.

The Basics

Submachine Guns are deadly weapons in close range. They boast low TTKs, second only to Sidearms, but are balanced by their weak ammo economy and inflexible engagement range. They are best used in run ‘n gun strategies, paired with a build and partner weapons that shore up their weaknesses at range. To this end, a Scout Rifle or Hand Cannon makes a solid Kinetic companion, while a mobile and devastating weapon like a Sword, or a single-target boss-melter like the Merciless, are good Power options.

The Perks

The Riskrunner belongs to the Adaptive class of SMGs, that fire at 900 RPM. They are balanced to be flexible, dealing reliable damage

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The Fighting Lion is an Exotic single-shot grenade launcher that can be equipped as an Energy weapon. But should you use it? Probably not.

  • The good: Grenade launcher in the Energy Weapon slot.
  • The bad: Everything else. Low damage, small blast radius, not worth its Exotic status.


  • Delayed Gratification: Grenade projectiles will bounce off surfaces. Hold to fire, and release to detonate.
  • Countermass: This weapon is weighted for vertical recoil. Greatly controls recoil. Increases stability. Increases handling speed.
  • Implosion Rounds: This weapon’s projectiles travel faster and have a controlled explosion. Increases projectile speed. Greatly increases stability. Decreases blast radius.
  • Thin the Herd: Direct hits with this weapon do more damage to shielded enemy combatants. Rapid kills against grenade-damaged enemies will refill the magazine.
  • Short-Action Stock: This weapon is especially easy to grip. Greatly increases handling speed.
  • The velocity of this weapon is great. You can shoot and detonate it before anyone really has the time to move. However, the blast radius is so small, that the round has to explode right next to someone. Against easy-to-kill enemies in PvE, this is fine. If you bounce a round into the middle of a

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