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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep brought several new weapons with its release. You can earn these weapons by gathering and completing their respective essences from activities on the moon, or by killing certain Nightmare Hunt bosses when they’re available for the week. Here’s a look at each weapon, and what I personally consider the best possible roll for them. 1.) A FINE MEMORIAL This weapon is in a weird spot. It comes with Surrounded, but machine guns are exactly the type of weapon you don’t want to use when you’re right next to a lot of enemies. There’s nothing to write home

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The Bad Juju has returned with Destiny 2’s latest DLC, The Season of Opulence. This pulse rifle was a personal favorite of mine in Destiny 1 on my Voidwalker Warlock, because it served as a very strong weapon for Guardians in everyday content such as strikes, patrols, and heroic missions. This exotic’s intrinsic perk is String of Curses; Kills refill the magazine, increase damage for a short duration, and grant Super energy based on the strength of String of Curses. It also fires full-auto. This perk synergizes very well with several subclasses and their respective exotic armor pieces to help

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