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Eva Levante and the Festival of the Lost are back this year with all of the usual holiday shenanigans: masks, a unique Legendary Auto Rifle, and, new this year, another source of Pinnacle Gear. Not much has changed since last year, but there are a few new things worth talking about. Let’s go over everything you need to know about 2019’s Festival of the Lost. WHERE TO START You’ll be automatically loaded into the Tower after initially logging into your character and watching a special cinematic for the Shadowkeep storyline. Speak with Eva Levante in the center of the Tower

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At reset, we got access to our first Heavy Exotic Bow, Leviathan’s Breath. This is the first Exotic quest we’ve had in Season of the Undying, and unlike some previous exotic quests, this one is short and sweet. Below, we’ll list the steps needed to get Leviathan’s Breath. If you’d rather watch a video on the quest, check out our video guide here. You can also check out our review of the new exotic here. Go see Banshee-44 to start things off. He will have the quest available, asking you to find his hidden workshop within the Tower.  The Back

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The Bad Juju has returned with Destiny 2’s latest DLC, The Season of Opulence. This pulse rifle was a personal favorite of mine in Destiny 1 on my Voidwalker Warlock, because it served as a very strong weapon for Guardians in everyday content such as strikes, patrols, and heroic missions. This exotic’s intrinsic perk is String of Curses; Kills refill the magazine, increase damage for a short duration, and grant Super energy based on the strength of String of Curses. It also fires full-auto. This perk synergizes very well with several subclasses and their respective exotic armor pieces to help

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Destiny 2’s annual Solstice of Heroes in-game event is back! With it, we’ve received the new European Aerial Zone (EAZ) playlist, an empowered elemental mechanic for players, and another set of Solstice Armor to grind. Visit Eva in the Tower You begin this in-game event by visiting Eva Levante in the Tower to collect your first piece of Solstice armor. The first thing you’ll want to do is equip this green helmet armor and complete a run of the newly unlocked EAZ. After doing so, you’ll visit Eva again to purchase Solstice bounties. There are five new bounties with each

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Bungie helped share some exciting news recently as they partnered with Belong Arenas in the United Kingdom to announce the first sponsored Gambit Prime tournament. This coincided with Gambit Prime now also being available for private matches for players to practice on or also set up their own tournaments. This guide will provide a few tips and tricks for those looking to improve at the game mode for either casual or more competitive play. Gambit Prime can be a very different experience when starting off solo compared to with a group. Going in by yourself can be daunting, as it

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