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Eva Levante and the Festival of the Lost are back this year with all of the usual holiday shenanigans: masks, a unique Legendary Auto Rifle, and, new this year, another source of Pinnacle Gear. Not much has changed since last year, but there are a few new things worth talking about. Let’s go over everything you need to know about 2019’s Festival of the Lost. WHERE TO START You’ll be automatically loaded into the Tower after initially logging into your character and watching a special cinematic for the Shadowkeep storyline. Speak with Eva Levante in the center of the Tower

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Destiny 2’s annual Solstice of Heroes in-game event is back! With it, we’ve received the new European Aerial Zone (EAZ) playlist, an empowered elemental mechanic for players, and another set of Solstice Armor to grind. Visit Eva in the Tower You begin this in-game event by visiting Eva Levante in the Tower to collect your first piece of Solstice armor. The first thing you’ll want to do is equip this green helmet armor and complete a run of the newly unlocked EAZ. After doing so, you’ll visit Eva again to purchase Solstice bounties. There are five new bounties with each

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This article serves a complete guide on how to obtain the Exotic Pulse Rifle Outbreak Perfected, a successor to Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Outbreak Prime. We’ve included details on how to start the quest, the steps that follow, as well as explanations and strategies for the encounters in the associated mission. Pre-requisites: Complete the mission “Enemy of my Enemy,” which you can pick up from Sloane on Titan. Step 1: The Fallen Transponder Accept the heroic adventure “Bad Neighbors” on Titan, and continue through the mission until you encounter a Shrieker. In the room directly behind it, turn left and

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Thorn has finally arrived in Destiny 2. The fan-favorite hand cannon from Destiny 1 is back, as promised, within the Season of the Drifter. As expected, there are several quest steps to obtain the legendary gun, some that will be far more difficult than others. This guide should make the journey much easier, should you face issues on any part. A Trip to the EDZ To trigger the quest you have to travel to the Salt Mines on the northern part of Trostland in the EDZ. This is the location where, if you remember the vanilla story missions, you give

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The raid’s hard mode is, indeed, much more difficult. Besides the fact that enemies take more damage, and will hit significantly harder, Revive Tokens are now lost upon death. If you have never completed the raid, click here for a starting guide. Challenge modes are coming soon, which will add even more layers of complexity. For completing the Prestige raid, you’ll earn the “Glory to the Emperor” emblem, “Imperial Aura” and be able to complete the Legend of Acrius Quest for “The Emperor’s Pleasure” Ornament. You’ll also be able to get a slightly different aesthetic version of raid armor.

What’s New?

Pleasure Gardens

Instead of 6, there are now 8 war beasts to contend with.

Royal Pools

Ceremonial Bathers, now with the “Oiled” prefix, drop a temporary effect on the ground after they’re killed that will take away 5 Psionic charges per second if you stand in it. Stay clear!

Once the initial phase is finished and everyone moves to the middle to damage the purple Censers, many Bathers will spawn. Make sure at least 1 person is able to use their Super to manage the constant influx of enemies.

After enough time passes during the damage phase,

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