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Important to note:

  • During no-respawn encounters, everyone will have a revive token that you can see at the bottom right of the screen. This means you will only be able to revive someone else 1 time.
  • Most chests will only reward tokens, which can be turned in to Benedict 99-40 in the Tower.

Standard Bearers

A few times during the raid, you’ll need to defeat the Standard Bearers to unlock the next room. Killing a Stand Bearer will allow one of your team members to pick up a Relic that needs to be placed in the center of the room.

As you place these, Standard Liberator‘s will periodically try to take them away. These Majors need to be killed ASAP, because if they take away one of the Relics, you’ll need to once again kill the mini-boss to get it again. Since it’s equally as important to protect your Relics as it is to retrieve them, have at least two people stay in the middle so they can defend against the Liberator’s. 3 attacking and 3 defending may work even better for your team.

Councilor‘s are introduced in this encounter, and these enemies are immune to gun

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There are three Exotic weapons awaiting Guardians in the Destiny 2 endgame and they’re all rewarded from doing a World Quest. In order to access these World Quests you must have completed the main campaign. Each World Quest has their own suggested power level you should be at before tackling them, with the highest being 260 for the EDZ quest. As noted in this article, it’s best to complete these when your Power level is at least 260, since Exotics are an easy way to increase your power level.

Rat King

Let’s start with what’s quite possibly the most difficult gun to obtain so far. The Rat King is an Exotic sidearm with quite an interesting perk: it becomes more effective in combat the more people in your fireteam are using it. A full raid team of 6 Guardians will probably be able to dish out some amazing damage if everyone has one, and due to the nature of its perk, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Bungie has designed an encounter that will take full advantage of it.

  • The first step to acquiring the Rat King is to complete all of the “Enemy of my
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Every public event in Destiny 2 features a hidden requirement that, once met, will trigger a more difficult heroic version. Many of these will spawn an additional boss or spawn more powerful enemies, and it’s always worth it to do the heroic version, as they increase your chances at greater rewards, including Exotic engrams.

Here’s how to activate 8 different types of Heroic Events:

Ether Resupply

  • In order to trigger the heroic version of the battle against the giant Servitor, you must kill all of the smaller Servitors that spawn. There is usually one that initially spawns, followed by a group of three a few moments later.
  • Take them all out quickly before they despawn!
  • Once the heroic version begins, the main differences are that the Servitor will rally more powerful enemies to help defend it while also teleporting you to more perilous locations.

Glimmer Extraction

  • There are three different waves of 4 extractor enemies that you must defeat in order to complete this event normally. However, with each wave, you can also find a small generator device that has a small blue beam emitting from them.
  • To trigger the heroic version, you must destroy each
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  • Quickly Opening the Map

  • The addition of an in-game map is one of the better qualify of life changes that Bungie has added to Destiny 2. Being able to pull up the map no matter where you are or what you’re doing to check for incoming public events, Lost Sector locations, or the next available Adventure is incredibly convenient. That’s not to mention no more going to orbit, even when changing planet locations.

    However, did you know there’s an even quicker way to open your map up? Instead of spending a few seconds holding down Select to open it, if you simply press Start and Select at the same time, your map will open instantly. It’s not a huge game changer, but that time saved adds up over the long term that you’ll be spending in the worlds of D2.

  • Journey to 260+ Power

  • As you begin exploring the EDZ and the other available planets, you will no doubt begin to quickly accumulate various tokens and other rep turn-in materials. It can be tempting to turn these in as soon as possible to build your rep up, but you should hold off. For one, you can’t

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    Destiny 2 has two level types: character level and Power level, maxing out at 20 and 300 respectively.

    Reaching the max character level is very straightforward: just play through the game normally and you’re likely to be level 20 shortly after the campaign ends.

    As for Power level, the only way to increase it is through your gear. Armor and weapons will determine your Power, and that level will be limited once you reach 260. After 260, you’ll only get ‘sidegrades’ from the normal loot sources. However, you will be able to progress past 260 with the help of specific Milestones.

    The Raid & Trials will also be able to reward loot that’s 260+

    Milestones require you to complete specific challenges, and their rewards will vary. The Weekly Milestones that offer “Powerful Gear” as a reward is what you’re looking for – this will provide a guaranteed upgrade to what you currently have. If you’re Power level 260, and complete a “Powerful Gear” Milestone, you’ll earn a piece of loot that exceeds 260. This is especially important in the beginning, since the Raid & Trials will require the best possible gear.

    To reach Power level 260, simply

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