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The Forward Path (Adaptive)

  • Pros: Quick reload speed & handling. High aim assist.
  • Cons: Below average magazine size.


  • Red Dot 2 MOA, Red Dot Micro, Rifle Scope SSF
  • Armor Piercing Rounds, Extended Mag
  • Tap the Trigger
  • As far as stats go, this is an impressive weapon. But this auto rifle is let down in the perks department. The scopes are passable, with short and long range options. Short range will offer a wide field of view, but poor damage and aim assist. Long range offers a narrow field of view but better drop off characteristics.

    Extended Mag is an easy choice; I’ve rarely found a use for the over-penetration of Piercing Rounds. Tap the Trigger, which grants a short period of increased stability and accuracy on initial trigger pull, is decent since it’s a perk that will activate for every encounter, but nothing game-changing.

    High aim assist, range and stability for the Adaptive archetype are the main calling cards here, so throw on a Kinetic Counterbalance mod and give this weapon a shot. You won’t be out-dueling most Uriel’s users, but if you can make them miss, you’ll have the more forgiving weapon.

    The Time-Worn

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