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The raid’s hard mode is, indeed, much more difficult. Besides the fact that enemies take more damage, and will hit significantly harder, Revive Tokens are now lost upon death. If you have never completed the raid, click here for a starting guide. Challenge modes are coming soon, which will add even more layers of complexity. For completing the Prestige raid, you’ll earn the “Glory to the Emperor” emblem, “Imperial Aura” and be able to complete the Legend of Acrius Quest for “The Emperor’s Pleasure” Ornament. You’ll also be able to get a slightly different aesthetic version of raid armor.

What’s New?

Pleasure Gardens

Instead of 6, there are now 8 war beasts to contend with.

Royal Pools

Ceremonial Bathers, now with the “Oiled” prefix, drop a temporary effect on the ground after they’re killed that will take away 5 Psionic charges per second if you stand in it. Stay clear!

Once the initial phase is finished and everyone moves to the middle to damage the purple Censers, many Bathers will spawn. Make sure at least 1 person is able to use their Super to manage the constant influx of enemies.

After enough time passes during the damage phase,

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