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Big changes are coming to Destiny 2 in the near future. A new expansion has been announced during a livestream last night, along with cross saving, a launch on Stadia and Steam. One of the changes that was mentioned is the game going partly free to play when Shadowkeep launches. Read on to discover what exactly is going to be included in the deal.

destiny 2 free to play
Destiny 2 Going Free to Play in September, At Least Partially

The free to play version of the game is going to be called Destiny 2: New Light, and it’s going to be released on September 17th. According to yesterday’s stream, it’s going to include all Year 1 content. This means that whoever decides to try it out will be getting the base game, along with the Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLCs. Basically, everything up to Forsaken will be freely available.

Ignoring the Curse of Osiris, since it was a piece of crap, this means you’ll get five planets to explore, one hefty story campaign and two smaller ones, as well as access to the Escalation Protocol activity. If you want more, you’ll have to reach for your wallet.

A lot of players think Forsaken is where Destiny 2 actually reached its full potential, and that playing without it is a lesser experience. Be that as it may, the New Light is definitely a meaty offering. You’ll be able to sink a lot of time into it if you like it, and more importantly, it will allow you to dip your toes into the water without having to pay. If you end up liking it, you’ll have the option of paying. If not, nothing will be lost. Aside from a few hours of precious time you’ll never be able to get back as long as you live, but that’s par for the course.

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