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Imperial treasure maps are the new way to get rewards from your weekly bounties in Destiny 2. They were introduced in the Season of Opulence update. When you complete a bounty, instead of just getting the rewards directly, you’ll receive a treasure map. Its description will tell you where to look – which planet and area – and when you check the place out, you’ll notice an X marking the treasure chest’s exact location. If you’re having trouble finding these chests, our Destiny 2 imperial treasure map locations guide will help you.

destiny 2 imperial treasure map locations
Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Map Locations

Well of Flame – Nessus imperial treasure map

The first treasure map will send you to the Well of Flame. It’s an area in the southwestern corner of Nessus. Spawn at the landing point to the east of it and go towards the giant concrete pillar. Once you reach it, look for a set of stairs on the left. Follow them inside, jump into the hole and look for the treasure chest at the bottom.

destiny 2 imperial treasure map well of flame
destiny 2 well of flame nessus imperial treasure map

Io Spine Burrows imperial treasure map

The next one is on Io. It’s in the Spine Burrows, a cave in the Lost Oasis area, in the north. The entrance to the cave is east of the giant tree stump. As soon as you enter the main chamber, look down and to the left. You’ll notice the chest on a pile of rubble.

destiny 2 imperial treasure map spine barrow

Mars Alton Dynamo imperial treasure map location

This one’s on Mars, in the Alton Dynamo area. It’s quite a long walk from the nearest landing point. Once you’re in the area, head into the server room. When you enter it, head left. The chest is hidden behind the tiny staircase there.

destiny 2 alton dynamo mars imperial treasure map

Maevic Square EDZ imperial map location

When you travel to the European Dead Zone for this one, you should land at Trostland. Follow the street east of the church and pass through the ruined building. Once you reach the other side, you’ll be overlooking the square. Look for a ledge on the right, that’s where the chest will be.

destiny 2 maevic square edz imperial map
destiny 2 imperial map maevic square european dead zone

Most of them aren’t hard to find, but some can be really vexing. We’re going to keep updating this guide with new locations as we discover them.

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