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Destiny 2 sports a host of quality-of-life improvements, such as the near-elimination of the ‘Orbit’ screen. It’s something of a shock, then, to look at how backwards Bungie’s new approach to the ‘Shader’ system appears to be. The gist of it is this: shaders that alter the appearance of your armor and weapons are now single-use consumables. Although you can alter individual armor pieces, once you do so… that shader is gone.

You have to find – via the loot system – a new shader. This seems like a surprising choice, until you notice that shaders can be purchased from Tess via Bright Engrams…

Since its inception, Destiny’s Eververse system of microtransactions has been divisive at best. What began as purely cosmetic features – loot boxes similar to those in Overwatch, containing emotes or appearance-altering sets of armor – quickly expanded to include XP boosts, at which point the community began to cry foul.

If XP boosts could be purchased, thereby potentially giving players a way to purchase their way around The Grind, how long would it be before more game-altering bonuses were available or purchase? How slippery was the slope towards pay-to-win?

To put things in context,

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Destiny 2 has two level types: character level and Power level, maxing out at 20 and 300 respectively.

Reaching the max character level is very straightforward: just play through the game normally and you’re likely to be level 20 shortly after the campaign ends.

As for Power level, the only way to increase it is through your gear. Armor and weapons will determine your Power, and that level will be limited once you reach 260. After 260, you’ll only get ‘sidegrades’ from the normal loot sources. However, you will be able to progress past 260 with the help of specific Milestones.

The Raid & Trials will also be able to reward loot that’s 260+

Milestones require you to complete specific challenges, and their rewards will vary. The Weekly Milestones that offer “Powerful Gear” as a reward is what you’re looking for – this will provide a guaranteed upgrade to what you currently have. If you’re Power level 260, and complete a “Powerful Gear” Milestone, you’ll earn a piece of loot that exceeds 260. This is especially important in the beginning, since the Raid & Trials will require the best possible gear.

To reach Power level 260, simply

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This article contains major spoilers

/u/supadhalster was able to acquire screenshots of Destiny 2’s game guide, so we now know a bit more about what Exotics we’ll be getting, Xur’s locations, and information about a new Tower!


Note: This list doesn’t include Raid Exotics or the PS exclusive sniper rifle.


Hard Light – The intrinsic perk is the same: Rounds fired from this weapon have no damage falloff, overpenetrate targets and ricochet off hard surfaces. But now you’ll be able to change its damage type freely from Arc/Solar/Void.

The Wardcliff Coil – AKA Dubious Volley, this rocket launcher will automatically reload upon ammo pickup. It will fire a volley of Arc damage rockets.

Vigilance Wing – This Kinetic pulse rifle fires 5-round bursts. When a nearby ally is killed, you’ll gain increased health regeneration and movement speed. In addition, you’ll get “improved weapon performance” when its wielder is the last living member of a fireteam.

Sturm – Kills with this Kinetic hand cannon fill the magazine up of the equipped Energy weapon from reserves. Kills with Drang grant bonus precision damage until the next reload. Strum grants additional benefits when the Legendary sidearm “Drang” is

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It’s been quite a busy week! Plenty of leaks have been making their way online, and while we covered most of the interesting news here, this article will recap all the other leaks and spoilers that have been revealed. Credit goes to /u/a_tortoise_IRL for translating the following information from the French Canadian source of the guide leaks.


Let’s begin by looking at the leaked mission list for the Red War campaign, which features 17 main missions in total:

  • Homecoming
  • Adieu
  • Spark – Pt. 1
  • Spark – Pt. 2
  • Combustion
  • Hope
  • Riptide
  • Utopia
  • Looped
  • Six
  • Sacrilege
  • Fury
  • Payback
  • Unbroken
  • Larceny
  • 1AU
  • Chosen

If all of these missions are of the same quality as ‘Homecoming’ was, we’re in for a real treat when it comes time to play through the primary story campaign.

Post-Campaign Activities

In addition to the 17 campaign quests, there’s apparently around 30 ‘missions’ (assuming these are referring to Adventures). Each Adventure seems more like a complete level from D1 from the looks of things, and will be fully-voiced content that helps explain game lore.

On top of that, World Quests were once again mentioned, and it looks like there will be 4

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This list may not be complete, but as of now, the following achievements have been confirmed by

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