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Bungie have released the details of this year’s Crimson Days event in Destiny 2? You’ll be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day all through the second week of February, playing Crimson Bond matches in the Crucible and / or completing bounties for Shaxx as a two-person fireteam. You’ll earn special candy hearts that you can then exchange for special items, such as new sparrows and more.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event 2020 Details Revealed

What would Valentine’s Day be for Guardians worldwide without the annual Crimson Days event? Of course that you’ll be able to enjoy the in-game festivities with your favorite Destiny 2 partner. The event will take place between February 11th and February 18th. While the event lasts, you’ll be able to complete Crimson Bond matches in the Crucible together, as well as bounties that Shaxx will give you to do in PvE areas. And, of course, you’re gonna earn special Confectionary Hearts that you can exchange for Crimson Days-themed stuff.

Here’s how things are gonna go down. The Crimson Bond matches are 2v2 fights in which you get higher ability regeneration as long as you stick near your partner. If you stray away, the enemies can see everything

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Welcome back! This week, our intrepid Xurspotting adventurers have discovered him on Io, near the Giant’s Scar. Let’s see what he’s brought for us. This week, for 29 Legendary Shards, Xur carries: The Fighting Lion To be honest, I don’t have much to say about this niche Grenade Launcher that wasn’t said last time Xur brought it, so it’s time for a block quote! Xur’s weapon this week is the Exotic Grenade Launcher, The Fighting Lion. It’s a strange one, but if you take some time to learn its intricacies, you may well be rewarded for your efforts. The Lion’s

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Bungie have released a new, regular update for Destiny 2. Unfortunately, the update has also erased people’s resources. These include Glimmer, Ascendant Shards, Prisms, and even lore in some situations. It reduces the amount of Glimmer to 0, and shards and prisms to just 1 in a lot of cases. Bungie has acknowledged the problem, and they’re working to fix it. Hopefully, they solve the situation soon.

Destiny 2 New Update Deleting Glimmer, Ascendant Shards, Prisms

The new update for Destiny 2, has brought in a lot of fixes to the game, as well as new activities and other stuff. It’s pretty much a standard package deal that Guardians the world over have come to expect. As an added, secret bonus, the update has also been deleting people’s resources. Specifically, it seems to be targeting Glimmer, Ascendant Shards, Prisms, and even lore from the Pigeon and The Phoenix book. It’s a huge disaster, and, needless to say, the Destiny subreddit is completely buried in irate people voicing their completely understandable frustration.

Now, the good news is that Bungie is, naturally, now well-aware of the situation. The backlash has prompted the Bungie Help Twitter account to respond, saying: “We’re currently investigating

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Memento is a new quest in Destiny 2. It’s an exotic quest, and when you complete it, you’ll get Bastion, an exotic kinetic fusion rifle, the first of its kind. The quest itself is relatively convoluted, but the worst part is that the game doesn’t explain where to go in order to start. If you don’t want to run around talking to every single one of the NPCs, this guide will show you how to start Memento – Bastion exotic quest in Destiny 2.

How to Start Memento – Bastion Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

Where to start Memento exotic quest?

Once you’ve downloaded the update, head on over to the Tower. When you arrive, go to the hangar. You’ll need to talk to Saint-14, the exo Titan with the purple stripe across his face. He’ll offer you the Memento exotic quest. That’s it.

The first task he’ll give you involves killing a handful of Fallen captains and servitors on the Tangled Shore. That shouldn’t be a problem – once you’re done, you’ll have to talk to Spider. You’ll then be sent off to complete specific lost sector and kill a special new baddie inside. The next step

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Bastion is a new exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a kinetic fusion rifle you can get by completing the Memento exotic quest. The quest itself can be difficult at times – there’s a fair amount of grinding involved, and finding some unmarked locations on the map. If you’re having trouble with any of the steps, this guide will show you how to complete Destiny 2 Bastion exotic fusion rifle quest.

Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle Quest – Memento in Destiny 2

How to start Bastion exotic quest?

If you’ve completed the obelisk quests Recovering the Past and An Impossible Task, you simply need to talk to Saint-14 to start the Bastion exotic quest. You’ll find him in the hangar, at the Tower.

Fallen Intel Collected – Spoken Word

The first step requires you to collect Fallen Intel by killing Fallen captains and servitors at the Tangled Shore. If you don’t want to waste time looking for them, check out our fallen intel locations guide – it’ll show you the best way to farm these enemies.

Aksiniks, Bound by Honor – Backroom Brawl

The next step involves killing a specific enemies. He’s called Aksiniks, Bound by Honor, and you’ll find him

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