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Destiny 2 Bastion Memento exotic quest includes a quest step where you have to find the grave location in Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector. This is one of the last steps of the Bastion quest, and requires you to find the grave in the Four-Horn Gulch in Tangled Shore. However, there’s absolutely nothing in the Lost Sector that remotely resembles a grave. To help you out, we’ve put together our Grave Location in Lost Sector Trapper’s Cave Destiny 2 Bastion Quest guide, in which we’ll show you exactly where to find the grave.

Grave Location in Lost Sector Trapper’s Cave – Destiny 2 Bastion Quest

Where to Find Grave in Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector in Destiny 2 Bastion Memento Quest?

To find the Grave in the Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector on your way to complete the Memento exotic quest and acquire Bastion, the first step is to go to Four-Horn Gulch. You can get there by touching down at Thieves’ Landing in The Tangled Shore. From there, head to the east until you find a really big chunk of rock with the Lost Sector symbol on it. The entrance is right next to the symbol, so you should have absolutely no

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Spoken Word is one of the steps in the Memento exotic quest in Destiny 2, the one that rewards you with the Bastion exotic fusion rifle. In this step, you need to collect Fallen Intel. This can be done by killing Fallen captains and servitors on the Tangled Shore. If you’re in a hurry, we know a couple of great places, which should help you gather Destiny 2 Fallen Intel for Spoken Word quest step.

Fallen Intel Collected – Fallen Captain & Servitor Locations – Destiny 2 Bastion Exotic Quest

Fallen captain & servitor locations on Tangled Shore

The Spoken Word quest step description itself will point you towards the Tangled Shore. However, it’s not that small of a place. Servitors are easy to spot from afar, but captains are just slightly larger versions of the most basic Fallen enemies. If you can’t be bothered to run around looking for them, here’s what you should do:

Start at Thieves’ Landing, then head north. Turn left as soon as you can, between two metal buildings, and you’ll run into a servitor. Once you’ve dealt with it, continue along that path down into Quitter’s Well. You’ll find a captain engaged in a

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Bastion is the first, and so far only, Exotic Kinetic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2. For a guide on how to get this weapon, check out Planet Destiny’s guide video, which will be linked at the end of the article. Stats Bastion comes with a Charge Time of 740, meaning Bastion takes 740 milliseconds to fully charge before firing. It has a Range value of 33, a Stability of 52, Handling of 34, Reload Speed of 32, Aim Assist of 65, and a Recoil direction of 75. Bastion currently carries a 4-round magazine. In the future, its Catalyst might change

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Another weekend means another meeting with Xur, the well-traveled Agent of the Nine. He’s hanging out at Titan this week, in a little structure on the northern end of The Rig. Did he bring anything neat for my birthday? Let’s find out. This week, for 29 Legendary Shards, Xur carries: Monte Carlo An old favorite from D1, the Monte Carlo has arrived to help you lay the smackdown on your enemies. Literally. If you like punching stuff half as much as I do, you’re in luck; this Exotic Auto Rifle comes with the Monte Carlo Method Exotic perk, lowering melee

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The seasonal Exotic sidearm, Devil’s Ruin, is here. Based on what we’ve read on Twitter and seen on YouTube, it seems as though you’ll either love it or hate it. Some argue that the quest is too short, while others have expressed their enthusiasm for the end of mission dialogue between Saint XIV and Lord Shaxx. The gun itself isn’t game breaking in either PVE or the Crucible. This has left many wondering what place it occupies in the meta outside of being a gimmick type exotic. Regardless of how you felt about the exotic quest and its length, I’m

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