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Merciless is an exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2. It’s a power weapon that’s great for situations where you have to deal a lot of damage to a single enemy as fast as possible. We suspect it’s going to be pretty popular once the raid goes live. You can get it as a random drop or from engrams, so you’ll have to grind a bit in order to obtain it. In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything we know about Destiny 2 Merciless exotic weapon.

Destiny 2 Merciless Exotic Fusion Rifle

How to get Merciless exotic weapon?

You can get the Merciless from exotic engrams. Your best bet are the heroic public events – the chest you get at the end has a reasonably high chance of having an exotic engram inside. In order to better your odds, you could use Fireteam Medallions. These can be bought from Tess Everis using bright dust, which is obtained by dismantling items from bright engrams.

As for the weapon itself, it’s seems pretty overpowered, so we expect it to get nerfed in the near future. Its intrinsic perk is called Conserve Momentum, and it increases the

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Destiny 2 Legendary Mods are rare items that affect your weapons and armor. They can add different types of damage and give other effects, as well as boost your overall Power Level. There’s a few methods of obtaining Legendary mods; some of them more reliable than others. It can get a little confusing. So, to clear a few things up, we’ve made this guide on how to get Legendary Mods in Destiny 2. We hope it helps you out.

Destiny 2 How to Get Legendary Mods

Destiny 2 Legendary Mods – How to Acquire Them?

There are several ways to get Destiny 2 Legendary Mods. The first possible route is Infusion. Always inspect the exotic gear you get. Often times, you’ll see that they have a Legendary Mod already inserted. If it has the mod you want, even if the gear itself is lower Light level than you’d want, you should keep it. Infuse the modded gear with something else that has a higher Light level. You’ll keep the mod and have a more powerful piece of gear. Be advised, this doesn’t work the other way around. If you try to infuse another weapon with a modded

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There are three Exotic weapons awaiting Guardians in the Destiny 2 endgame and they’re all rewarded from doing a World Quest. In order to access these World Quests you must have completed the main campaign. Each World Quest has their own suggested power level you should be at before tackling them, with the highest being 260 for the EDZ quest. As noted in this article, it’s best to complete these when your Power level is at least 260, since Exotics are an easy way to increase your power level.

Rat King

Let’s start with what’s quite possibly the most difficult gun to obtain so far. The Rat King is an Exotic sidearm with quite an interesting perk: it becomes more effective in combat the more people in your fireteam are using it. A full raid team of 6 Guardians will probably be able to dish out some amazing damage if everyone has one, and due to the nature of its perk, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Bungie has designed an encounter that will take full advantage of it.

  • The first step to acquiring the Rat King is to complete all of the “Enemy of my
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Destiny 2 Clans are finally taking off, with Bungie pushing the button to implement clan progression and banners. Most players are now able to converge with their clanmates and try to get back their light together. However, some are experiencing problems. There are reports of founders being unable to either create or modify clan banners, entire clans not getting rewards or clan XP, and more.

Destiny 2 Can’t Get & Modify Clan Banner & Progression Problems

Destiny 2 clan banner problems

Clan banners are supposed to be picked up from Hawthorne, but she doesn’t want to play nice. Many players are having issues retrieving their banners from her, effectively stopping them from really joining a clan. Aside from that, admins and founders are supposed to have the ability to modify clan banners, but a large number of them are saying they can’t. If you’re one of them – remember, you have to do it from the Destiny Companion app, not the game itself. Aside from that, there’s no useful advice to share – wait for the devs to fix the issue.

Destiny 2 clan progression issues

According to Bungie, in order to enable clan progression, you’ll have

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Destiny 2 Region Chest locations on Nessus can be found in seven of the regions on the planet. Each region has three golden chests, making for a total of twenty-one to collect. They can be pretty tricky to find, while other chests can be found lying in the open. No matter how well-hidden they may be, they’re always worth looking for, because they can drop some seriously good loot and tokens. If you need help finding them, we’ve made this Destiny 2 Region Chest locations on Nessus guide for you, map and screenshots included.

Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Nessus

Exodus Black Region Chests on Destiny 2 Nessus

  • The first chest in Exodus Black is pretty easy to find. Head north of the area’s landing zone until you reach the decrepit base. The chest is on the top of a nearby rock formation.
  • This chest is located on another rock formation, slightly to the south of the first one. This time, though, it’s much higher up, so be prepared for some platforming.
  • Not far from the Exodus Black landing zone, a little to the right, you’ll find an entrance into a cave. Inside, you’ll spot a
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