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Destiny 2 Lost Sectors locations can be found all across EDZ, Nessus, Titan, and Io. In order to complete them, you have to kill varying numbers of enemies and then dispatch the mini-boss at the end. After you’re done, you’ll get a chest with some sweet loot. Finding the entrances of Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 isn’t always easy, despite the fact that the game gives you a small clue as to where they are.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations – EDZ, Titan, Io, & Nessus

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 EDZ

You can find a total of 16 Lost Sectors in EDZ in Destiny 2. Different areas have different numbers of Lost Sectors. Some have three (Trostland, Outskirts, Firebase Hades, The Sludge), Sunken Isles has two, and The Gulch and Winding Cove have one each. Some are hidden better than others, of course. A number of them are sitting in plain sight, but some of them will require a bit of work to find. Check out our Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations – European Dead Zone guide for detailed instructions on where they all are.

Where are Destiny 2 Lost Sectors on Titan?

One Titan

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On the Comms is a quest item in Destiny 2. It’s a random drop that ends up in your weapon inventory, and leads into a mysterious quest that references something called the World-Eater. The quest chain cannot be completed at this point, and fans the world over are trying to figure out the World-Eater mystery.

Destiny 2 On the Comms Triggers World-Eater Mystery

What is on the comms item?

The On the Comms item takes up a slot in the power weapon category, but it cannot be equipped. It seems its only use is to let you know what to do in order to get to the next step. In order to push the mysterious mission further, you’ll have to travel to Nessus and get five Red Legion Communications. As you might’ve guessed, you’ll get these randomly from killing Cabal soldiers. It might take a while, as grinding tends to do.

Once you’ve collected them, the item will disappear, only to be replaces with another. This one is called Await the World-Eater. Its description says that “the decrypted communications indicate something is coming”. It then instructs you to “look for the arrival of the World-Eater”.

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Destiny 2 Region Chest locations on Io can be found all across the Giant’s Scar, Lost Oasis, and The Rupture regions. Several of them are very well-hidden. There are nine hidden Golden Chests to find on Io, enough to keep you occupied for a while. They’re worth finding, because they can drop some seriously good loot. Our guide’s gonna help you find all Destiny 2 Io Region Chest locations.

Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Io

Where to find Region Chests in Giant’s Scar on Io?

  • To pick up the first chest in this zone, go to the Giant’s Scar Landing Zone. You’ll be staring right at a large pillar-like thing that might be some kind of receiver. Look to your left and you’ll see a small ledge you can jump on. From there, fly to the top of the three discs protruding from the side, and then all the way to the top. The first chest on Io is waiting there.
  • A little bit to the northeast of the previous chest, on the ground, you’ll see a small path leading you through the building. Go left until you reach one of the support structures of the
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    Destiny 2’s final hub, the rebuilt and renewed Tower, seems to be filled to the brim with secrets. There’s lots to find if you’re into exploring – players have already discovered some neat tricks, easter eggs and hidden locations. If you want to explore the place for yourself, better stop reading – there are spoilers ahead.

    Destiny 2 Tower Secrets – Giant Ball, Secret Room, Lava Buff, Soccer Field

    Giant Ball in the Tower

    If you kick the purple ball around the Tower, it can grow to an impressive size. It’s a bit difficult to pull off, but you’ll end up with a giant ball and some pretty fireworks. If you need to know where exactly to kick it, we’ve written about the Destiny 2 Giant Ball Easter Egg already.

    The Floor is Lava Buff

    This one works similarly to the Scout Commander Buff at The Farm – you need to complete a challenge in order to get a bonus to your movement speed and jump height. You can start the challenge by interacting with a certain item on the bridge. It will require you to reach a certain point without touching the

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    Await the World-Eater is a quest item in Destiny 2. It looks like it’s a random drop, but it’s actually tied to a bigger quest chain. Many players are finding it in their power weapon slots, not knowing what it does or how in the hell it got there. We’ve decided to write this guide in order to help you with the Destiny 2 Await The World-Eater quest.

    Destiny 2 Await The World-Eater Quest

    On The Comms Quest

    It all starts when you get a drop that nests in your power weapon inventory, but cannot be equipped. The first quest chain is called On The Comms. This random item requires you to go to Nessus and get certain communication ciphers from Red Legion soldiers. You’ll need five of these. When you’ve got all ciphers, you’ll get the next clue. Since the ‘On The Comms’ item is a random drop, your best chance to get it is by killing any Cabal enemies in Patrols in the European Dead Zone.

    How to complete Await the World Eater quest?

    Nobody has figured out how to complete Await the World Eater step. It’s a mystery, but many people are speculating

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