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Charge your soul and let the electrons sing.

The Riskrunner is an Exotic Submachine Gun that can be acquired from Exotic/Luminous Engrams, various rank-up packages, or as a quest reward in Destiny 2’s campaign. Upon reaching Io and completing the first campaign step, Asher Mir will prompt Guardians to select what is very likely their first Exotic weapon reward: Sunshot, Riskrunner, or the Graviton Lance. If you select one, subsequent characters will only be able to acquire one of the other two from this quest step.

The Basics

Submachine Guns are deadly weapons in close range. They boast low TTKs, second only to Sidearms, but are balanced by their weak ammo economy and inflexible engagement range. They are best used in run ‘n gun strategies, paired with a build and partner weapons that shore up their weaknesses at range. To this end, a Scout Rifle or Hand Cannon makes a solid Kinetic companion, while a mobile and devastating weapon like a Sword, or a single-target boss-melter like the Merciless, are good Power options.

The Perks

The Riskrunner belongs to the Adaptive class of SMGs, that fire at 900 RPM. They are balanced to be flexible, dealing reliable damage

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Rat King is an exotic sidearm in Destiny 2. You can get it by completing a long quest chain later on in the game. It’s a pistol with engravings of rats, with some pretty peculiar perks. Be prepared to sweat quite a bit before you get it, as it involves doing several late-game activities. The reward will be more than worth it, though. The main point of this weapon is the fact that if several members of your fireteam carry it and they are close to each other, the weapon’s rate of fire and magazine size increase, increasing the whole group’s damage output potential as well. The other perk this gun has is called Vermin, and it grants invisibility when you reload right after a kill. If you’re ready, scroll down for a full walkthrough of the Destiny 2 Rat King exotic sidearm quest.

Destiny 2 Rat King Exotic Weapon Quest

Rat King Exotic Weapon World Quest

The first step to getting this quest is to complete the Destiny 2 story campaign. That way, you’ll get access to a bunch of new world quests. The one you want is Enemy of my Enemy, which is on Titan. Head over there,

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Bungie has announced that they’ll be taking Destiny 2 servers down for maintenance and to prepare the game for the upcoming update. The servers are scheduled to go offline on Monday, September 25th. The game’s servers will stay unavailable for about five hours. During that time, you won’t be able to log in, and if you’re already in the game, you’ll get removed while the devs work on the servers.

Destiny 2 Servers Going Down For Maintenance on September 25th

When will Destiny 2 Servers Going Down for Maintenance?

As stated above, Destiny 2 servers will go down on Monday, September 25th, 2017. The schedule was announced on Bungie’s website. So, here’s how it’s going to go down. At 6 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM UTC, the servers maintenance begins, and you won’t be able to log into the game anymore. At 7 AM Pacific, all players currently online will be booted from the game, too. By noon Pacific Time, the maintenance should be over, and you can hop right back into Destiny 2. The reason for the servers being down isn’t just server maintenance, but because it’s preparing Destiny 2 for Update 1.0.3. After the servers come back

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Eris Morn

Anyone who has already navigated the flaming wreckage of the Tower during the “Homecoming” mission knows the familiar faces that help our Guardian through. Cayde is there, trying to link up with his “date.” Zavala and Ikora are kicking ass on the front lines. Shaxx is there to open a door for you (which is much more helpful than his Crucible dialogue).

But where’s Eris? She’s mentioned throughout the campaign, including a reference to Cayde still owing her a ship. It’s also made clear that no one has seen her since the assault. She’s way too important, and popular, to kill off-screen… right? As long as the Hive are still around, her hiatus probably isn’t permanent.

As with most things from D1, our answers can be found in the Grimoire Cards, specifically ones that came out with Age of Triumph. According to Ghost Fragment: Eris Morn, Eris visited Asher Mir (whom we meet on Io) during his stay in the Med Bay. She speaks to him while he lay unconscious, stating that she will be leaving this “lie” now that her comrades have been avenged, traveling beyond the City to find a way to end the Hive

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The first Faction Rally Event in Destiny 2 is slowly appearing on the horizon. It starts next week, and the three factions will return to the game. You’ll be able to choose between Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult. They each have unique weapons and armor, and the Rally winner will offer one special weapon to everybody. For a price, of course.

Destiny 2 Faction Rally Event Launch Date & Rewards Revealed

When Does Faction Rally Event in Destiny 2 Start?

The first Faction Rally in Destiny 2 will start on Tuesday, September 26th, at 2 AM Pacific / 5 AM Eastern / 11 AM Central European Time. It will end a week later, on October 3rd, at the same time. Up to that point, you’ll be able to bring in the faction tokens. Bungie will announce the winner at 10 AM Pacific Time.

What are Destiny 2 Factions?

Like in the first Destiny, you’ll have three factions to choose from – Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult. Their representatives are Arach Jalaal, Executor Hideo, and Lakshmi-2, respectively.

For those new to Destiny and factions, each one of them have different goals that they aim to

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