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It’s been quite an eventful week, with plenty of new trailers, gameplay reveals, and a few spoilers… so let’s review everything we learned!

Trailer Roundup

Destiny 2 Pre-Load

As of this week, Guardians who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 on Xbox One are able to download the game’s file. It clocks in at 29.15GB currently, with a day one patch expected.

As for PS4 players, it was originally expected they would be able to pre-load the game beginning on September 3, however a tweet from Bungie on 8/21 mentioned the game would be available to download the following week; perhaps it will be available even earlier than the expected 9/3 in that case.

PC Beta

Good news for PC players who never got to experience the D2 beta in July: the PC beta will be kicking off exclusively on Blizzard’s Battle.Net service on August 28 for early access with the open beta beginning a day later on August 29. The beta will continue until August 31.

PC players will get to experience most of the same content that console players

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This list may not be complete, but as of now, the following achievements have been confirmed by

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A few of Destiny 2’s Trophies have provided tantalizing clues as to what’s going to be coming our way in the game. Check out the full list below to see what we mean:

  • Traveler’s Chosen – Obtain all trophies in Destiny 2.
  • Long and Winding Road – Reach level 20.
  • Zavala’s Lieutenant – Acquire each Titan subclass.
  • Cayde’s Pathfinder – Acquire each Hunter subclass.
  • Ikora’s Protege – Acquire each Warlock subclass.
  • Show Me What You Got – Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms
  • In a Flash – Complete a Flashpoint.
  • The People’s Hero – Complete a Heroic public event.
  • Heart of Darkness – Complete a Nightfall strike.
  • The Life Exotic – Collect 15 exotic weapons or armor.
  • Challenge Accepted – Complete 30 challenges.
  • Belly of the Beast – Complete the Leviathan raid.
  • The Prestige – Complete the Leviathan raid or a Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty.
  • Lest Ye Be Judged – Encounter an Emissary from beyond.

For Show Me What You Got, could this be the D2 version of the extended Crucible questline that we had in D1 that culminated in ‘The Mountaintop’ quest? Before that quest chain was nerfed it was one of the most grueling things to

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